Introducing Binary Build Appraisal

Drive increased software resilience and detect vulnerabilities in parallel to your software pipeline build with Binary Build Appraisal by NCC Group.

Identify potential software vulnerabilities within source code or build environments.

The software we use every day is critical for key operations, and if it were to fail or suffer a breach, it could have a catastrophic impact on the entire business. That’s why we’re introducing Software Build Integrity Resilience, a new Escrow offering which ensures the software you supply is verifiably safe, secure and resilient.

By mimicking and comparing your software build process, targeting vulnerabilities, and recommending tailored resolutions, Binary Build Appraisal strengthens your software resilience and gives you the confidence to continue operating with assured risk mitigation.

Key benefits of a Software Build Integrity Resilience:

Identifies further opportunities for software resilience.

Detects vulnerabilities in source code and/or software build process.
Provides enhanced security by offering specific resolutions.
Keeps software up-to-date and resilient to cyber threats.

How does it work?

Phase 3Software Roadmap Build Mapping

Phase 1Independent Build Environment Setup

Phase 2Source Code Escrow Updates

Phase 4Independent Source Code Build Compilation

Phase 5Build Binary Comparison

Phase 6Comparison Review

A unique offering from a global expert in Software Resilience

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