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An overview of SS2/21, details of which firms must comply with the regulation and the deadline for compliance

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Advice on what you can do as a vendor supplying customers within the UK financial markets to ensure they comply with the regulatory requirements around documenting and testing business continuity and exit plans for outsourced software

Recommended solutions that vendors can easily embed into their current service offering to ensure customers are compliant with key financial regulations such as PRA SS2/21

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Building upon its strong regulatory infrastructure, the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has published a Supervisory Statement on Outsourcing and Third-party Risk Management (SS2/21). The PRA advises all regulated entities to ‘actively consider’ Escrow when undertaking business continuity and exit planning.

Although the responsibility for operational resilience rests with a regulated firm, it benefits the vendors to understand the requirements and the impact they will have when engaging with firms operating in the financial services sector.


What should vendors supplying the finance sector do next?

Key areas of SS2/21 vendors need to be aware of:

As SS2/21 requires firms to have a fully stressed exit plan before it commits to procuring an application, it is critical for vendors to proactively address the guidelines

Firms are expected to pay attention to the end-to-end provision of important business services. Therefore, vendors will be requested to present their own business continuity plan to demonstrate the resilience of their supplier’s infrastructure.

An Escrow Agreement, which the PRA advises all regulated entities to consider when exit planning, will ensure your customers comply with third-party risk mitigation, outsourcing and business continuity requirements as stipulated in SS2/21.


The additional requirements on firms to identify dependencies and set impact tolerances will require greater engagement with their service providers. Any application that is deemed as material must have an exit plan – putting software vendors firmly under the microscope and therefore making them an integral element to the requirements set out in SS2/21.

Ultimately, without a pre-defined exit plan or software resilience solution built into their offering, software vendors are closing their doors to new opportunities within the industry should they not accommodate the stressed exit plans set out in SS2/21.

How can you deliver business continuity assurance at scale?


Our Partner Network enables software vendors to stand out from the competition and deliver business continuity assurance at scale by embedding Software Escrow solutions into your offering. Doing so reduces the perceived risk of your software application and enables your customers to easily comply with the ever-growing number of outsourcing regulations in the financial services sector.

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