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In this guide NCC Group's Cloud experts discuss the key security risks of third-party SaaS applications and reveal how organisations can de-risk their SaaS environment.

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Discover how cloud software escrow empowers software vendors to develop – and customers to adopt – SaaS applications with confidence.

Find out how end-users can safeguard SaaS application and data and effortlessly execute their SaaS business continuity plan.

Learn how software vendors can get ahead of the cloud resilience conversation and strengthen their offering.

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Embrace the Cloud with NCC Group

At NCC Group we make business continuity in the Cloud simple. We’ll help you take control of third-party software risk and ensure your business critical SaaS applications are safe, secure and always available.

Business continuity made simple


As an NCC Group customer, you have assurance that your business-critical software applications are safe, secure, and always available.

Safeguard operations 

Minimise downtime risk

Protect your reputation

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